How to Write a Creepy Ghost Story

Ghost stories have been around for thousands of years. The Assyrians wrote them down from around 3,000 BCE (that’s over 5,000 years ago) but spoken versions were probably much older. Shakespeare was a fan of a phantom or two, and featured them in at least six of his plays. How do you write a truly […]

Shark Facts with AQUILA Magazine

Shark facts for kids

5 Fun facts about sharks! FUN FACT NO. 1 Did you know there are over 1000 species of elasmobranchs – that’s sharks, skates and rays to their friends. Found all over the world from the depths of the oceans to golf courses! Yes, really! In the 1990s, floods in Queensland, Australia swept a group of bull sharks […]

Build a model London Eye

Build your own model London Eye The London Eye is one of the most memorable features of the London skyline. Your task is to make a fully working model of it! What? I thought you liked a challenge? Okay, this is one of our trickiest activities, so take a deep breath and remember to be […]

Camping Calzone Recipe

CAMPING CALZONE RECIPE Things you don’t usually have when you go camping: a fridge, an oven, a bath. We’re all absolutely fine without a bath for a few days, but if you want tasty homemade pizza, the absence of those other items can be problematic. But I’m the Snack Hacker and it’s my job to […]

A kid’s guide to the general election

general election

Kid’s Guide to the General Election POLITICS A-PLENTY! Dunno if you’ve heard, but the UK will be having a General Election on 4 July 2024. (Heard? Between that and the Euros you’d think that was ALL that was going on! Ed) Politics can seem overwhelming and probably even a bit boring at times (isn’t it […]

Victorian Street Food

Victorian Street Food

Victorian Street Food Imagine walking through your local fair or market. The smells from all the food stalls are making you hungry. What would you choose? Pancakes with chocolate spread; fluffy, sugary donuts; or something salty and savoury like burgers or hotdogs? Perhaps a tray of hot chilli, or aromatic curry and rice? For many […]

Food Politics

History of the politics of food

Food Politics Food has enormous power. The divide between those who have an abundance of things to eat and those who are desperately hungry has caused oppression, strikes and even revolution.  Bread and circuses  In ancient Rome, the phrase panem et circenses (bread and circuses) referred to the provision of free food and entertainment to […]

Mushroom chocolate cupcakes Fungi Cakes Recipe

Mushroom Chocolate Cupcakes

MUSHROOM CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES Fungi Power: In the last few years, scientists (called mycologists) have begun to discover just how magical and amazing mushrooms are. Mushrooms are the fruiting body of a diverse group of organisms called fungi. Some can spread up to 400 miles under the soil. We all know some mushrooms can be poisonous, […]

World War II – A brief history for kids

World War 2 facts for kids

World War II (1939-1945) – A brief history for kids How it all started On 3 September 1939, Britain and France went to war against Germany. The Nazi regime in Germany had invaded neighbouring countries in Europe like Austria and Czechoslovakia. Adolf Hitler, the German leader, wanted to extend his territory even further. When his […]

Measure the Burj Khalifa

measure the Burj Khalifa

WALK THE HEIGHT OF THE BURJ KHALIFA When it comes to the tallest buildings, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the tallest of them all. It is over four-fifths of a kilometre high, topping off at 830 metres. Work started on the building in 2004 and it was officially opened in 2010. […]

Life and Times of Alan Turing

The life and works of Alan Turing While other mathematicians and scientists like Blaise Pascal, Gottfried Liebniz, Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace may have experimented with simple computing machines, it is Alan Turing who is generally regarded as the father of modern computing. Alan Turing’s work on the nature of thought and the potential for […]