Zebra Sharks Baby Sharks

zebra sharks baby

BABY SHARKS (do doo do do da doo) Have you seen one of these before? It’s a zebra shark (Stegostoma fasciatum). Actually I THINK you’ll find zebras and sharks are two very different animals, ed Very funny. In fact, this creature is only called a zebra shark because the pups are born with black and […]

Write a Diary from the Deep – Inspired by Jacques Cousteau

WRITE A DIARY FROM THE DEEP Sacre bleu… It’s an underwater city! In AQUILA’s Undersea Explorer issue we found out all about the fascinating life of undersea explorer extraordinare, Jacques Cousteau! Now’s the time to dive right into another mer-vellous (geddit?!) activity!  YOUR MISSION In Conshelf II, Jacques Cousteau created a whole underwater settlement with […]

Working with Sharks

Jobs working with sharks Andre Hartmann, a South African diving guide can calm down a great white shark: ‘When the shark is next to the boat, I lean over the edge, and wait for it to open its mouth. Sometimes it opens its jaw to the side. This tells you that the shark is trying […]

What if the sun disappeared?

An illustration of the sun and the solar system

What if the Sun Disappeared? Don’t worry! The Sun’s not going anywhere. But hypothetically, we thought we’d explore what would happen to the Earth if the Sun just… vanished. Scientists have the answers… For the first eight minutes and 20 seconds, nothing would happen, and humans wouldn’t even know that the Sun had disappeared! Everything […]

How to go stargazing

illustration of constellation animals and gods words Set by step guide to stargaszin

GUIDE TO STARGAZING Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered how to find the constellations? It might seem impossible at first, there are so many stars! But you’ll be relieved to know there are actually only 88 named constellations. And you can only see around half of them at a time, […]

Star facts for kids

SUPER STAR FACTS FOR KIDS! One way to make written information a little bit different is to use an acrostic. In an acrostic, the initial letters of a key word connected to the theme are used as the first letter of each piece of detail. This acrostic, full of mind-boggling facts about stars, is based on […]

Make Fabulous Festive Wrapping

MAKE FESTIVE WRAPPING PAPER Creating your own wrapping paper is lots of fun, saves money and can be better for the environment! Let’s use our imaginations, prepare stencils, then paint them onto wrapping paper as patterns to make your gifts look simply stunning!    YOU WILL NEED: – Sugar paper (A4, A3 or A1)  – […]

Make a Cosy Christmas Grotto and Pomanders

Make a cosy Christmas grotto! What could be more magical than creating your own Christmas nook to snuggle up in? Harvey wants you to be super inventive and go hunting around your home for bits and pieces to create your own cosy Christmas grotto, fit for Father Christmas himself! The centrepiece will be a bowl […]

Make Paper Star Decorations

MAKE PAPER STARS You might think Calculata and I don’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, but you’d be dead wrong! Actually we collaborate all the time, sharing inspiration and ideas and making things together. One of our favourite ways to combine our skills is by making these beautiful paper star ornaments. Why not […]

Gingerbread Stars Recipe

Gingerbread Stars Recipe for Kids

Gingerbread stars YOU WILL NEED: ● 350 g plain flour ● 2 tsp ground ginger ● 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda ● 100 g butter ● 175 g soft light brown sugar ● 1 egg ● 4 tbsp golden syrup ● Icing sugar GET STARTED: Step 1 Mix the flour, ginger and bicarb in a […]