Dinosaur Fossil CSI

DINOSAUR DETECTIVES We can’t really clone dinosaurs, let alone create hybrids by combining the scariest bits of the nastiest beasts. Modern technology can, however, provide new and exciting insights into the prehistoric world. In fact, these days, paleontology is less pick and shovel and more hi-tech analysis. Deadly, huge or just downright weird? In the […]

Heath Robinson facts for kids

Meet Heath Robinson, original AQUILAnaut! Imagine for a moment that your name became so famous around the world that it actually entered the dictionary as an adjective! What would be the definition, do you think?  That’s easy. Ed would mean ‘blisteringly intelligent, erudite and hilarious’ Ed Of all the artists who have ever lived, only […]

Engineering facts for kids

Ingenious Engineering facts for kids Engineers are driven by a need to make things work better. They use creativity, maths and science to invent, build and maintain a variety of machines, structures, and even entire systems. If you’ve been enjoying our Ingenious Engineering issue, you’ll know that, in many, many, MANY ways, we have engineering […]