World War II – A brief history for kids

World War 2 facts for kids

World War II (1939-1945) – A brief history for kids How it all started On 3 September 1939, Britain and France went to war against Germany. The Nazi regime in Germany had invaded neighbouring countries in Europe like Austria and Czechoslovakia. Adolf Hitler, the German leader, wanted to extend his territory even further. When his […]

Measure the Burj Khalifa

measure the Burj Khalifa

WALK THE HEIGHT OF THE BURJ KHALIFA When it comes to the tallest buildings, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the tallest of them all. It is over four-fifths of a kilometre high, topping off at 830 metres. Work started on the building in 2004 and it was officially opened in 2010. […]

Life and Times of Alan Turing

The life and works of Alan Turing While other mathematicians and scientists like Blaise Pascal, Gottfried Liebniz, Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace may have experimented with simple computing machines, it is Alan Turing who is generally regarded as the father of modern computing. Alan Turing’s work on the nature of thought and the potential for […]

Very Big Numbers

Very Big Numbers In a word A billion is certainly a large number but it used to be even bigger. In Britain, until the 1970s, a billion was considered to be a million million, that is one and twelve zeros (1 000 000 000 000). Since then, however, the American version of a billion has […]

Make Gladiator Battle Cards

MAKE GLADIATOR BATTLE CARDS Terrifying fighters. A roaring audience. A gory, stinky fight to the death. Sounds horrid, doesn’t it? Well, believe it or not, gladiator games were incredibly popular in ancient Rome! Whenever one was coming up, the city would be covered in graffiti, giving the date of the show, the names of the […]

Make a Roman Dip Recipe

A POMPEII PARTY The ancient Romans loved their grub, and made the most of any opportunity to eat and drink together. Celebratory feasts were an all-day event. They gave everyone a chance to seriously show off. Guests often bathed in oils before attending a feast. They also wore special loose ‘dinner’ clothes to help them […]

Graffiti in the age of the gladiators

Graffiti in the age of gladiators In Pompeii, in the first century CE, graffiti was everywhere. Over 11,000 examples have been found scrawled on the walls of houses and public buildings, and that’s just the stuff that survived! Yep, if you wanted to know something in downtown Pompeii, you didn’t look to Twitter, Instagram, TikTok […]

Ancient Roman Feast

Roman Feasts When you sit at the table to eat a meal, are you expected to sit up properly, stop playing with your food and use a knife and fork? Do you occasionally get told off for eating with your fingers, or even burping out loud? Then you might like to know that the Roman […]

Make a chocolate bar

MAKE A CHOCOLATE BAR Have a go at making this bonkers chocolate-y treat, it makes the perfect gift. You can tailor your bars to suit your particular preferences, trade jelly sweets for dried fruit and granola, or even go crazy and add salted snacks instead of sweet. With nothing to weigh out or measure you […]

Make a chocolate gift box

Make a chocolate gift box Is there someone in your life that deserves a box of chocolates? Sure, you COULD grab a box off the shelf at your local supermarket, but what if the person you’re giving a gift to is far too special for that? We want you to dream up a box of […]