Maths Hacks – Harry Potter Edition

Harry Potter Maths Hacks

Maths Hacks: Harry Potter Edition Do you have a kid who hates maths, but loves Harry Potter? Then these magical maths hacks are for you; send your kid to potions class and let’s inspire some spellbinding mathematical learning! First stop, let’s head to the Hogwarts dungeon!  Potions class Our first class is potions; get out […]

Maths Hacks – Music Edition

Maths Hacks: Music Edition Do you have a kid that ‘hates maths’ but loves music? Here’s one for the Swifty in your house! Let’s inspire some mathematical thinking with a little help from THOSE WHO ROCK! Imagine you are a mega platinum, multi stadium, double A-list, super cool rock star. You need to plan a […]