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Japan and manga themed activities for kids

Six Japan and manga themed activities you HAVE to try Are you ready for SIX brand-spanking new Awesome Activities to accompany our Manga issue? This month we’re looking at Japan and manga-themed activities. We’ve got sensational sakura printing, a whole heap of monkey business, a manga drawing challenge, some weird wave science, a bug hunt […]

GIANT Themed Activities for Kids

Six giant themed activities you HAVE to try! Look what’s landed! It’s the Awesome Activities to complement AQUILA’s Giant issue, and they’re all MEGA – even the little ones. From building and gardening, to writing and taking photos, there’s something for every AQUILAnaut out there! Which one will you try first? Make a Mini Living […]

Ingenious Engineering activities for kids 

Busy Beavers, Building with Biscuits and Blowing Bubbles Here comes six brand-new Engineering Awesome Activities for our ingenious AQUILAnauts! We’ve got brilliant beavers, we’re building bumbling biscuit buildings, we’ve got blowing bubbles…and a bit of a thing for the letter ‘b’, it seems. Let’s get Busy!  Construct a Beavers’ Dam! You may have heard that […]

Fun Friendship activities for kids 

Activity sheets for kids about friendships

Friendship Activities for Kids Our Friendship! issue is here and we’ve got a new bunch of Awesome Activities for you. These made everyone at AQUILA HQ feel warm and fuzzy inside, so come and join in the fun with us! Plan a Fantastical Friends Party Picture the scene: your parents have said you can throw […]

Make a salt dough medal

You can dough it! Now listen here, it simply isn’t fair that there are loads of trophies and medals you can win for things like jumping and kicking, but very few are available for the things that really matter, like… I don’t know…    Salt dough medals are actually superior to real medals because they’re […]

Science of Colour activities for kids 

Science of Colour activities for kids! Here’s the lowdown on another fresh batch of Awesome Activities for our eager AQUILAnauts! Come and join in the colourful fun! Write a Colourful Story Some of the phrases we use in everyday life are straight-up bananas! If you told a friend that you were caught red-handed and your […]

Wintery Activities for Kids!

It’s December now and Christmas mode has been well and truly ACTIVATED. Accompanying our wonderful Winter Wild issue this month is a selection of new activities to keep the festive feels going. Let’s take a closer look at them! An Ode to Owls Are you a poet and you don’t know it? Find out with […]

Reindeer’s Route Finder

Santa’s made a friendly bet with his reindeers. If he solves this brainteaser, they promise to make him breakfast in bed for the whole of January. WIN! But – wait, there’s a catch! If he gets the answer wrong, he’ll have to make them breakfast in HIS bed every day until midsummer! Mrs Claus is […]

The Santa’s Sleigh Challenge

The Santa’s Sleigh Challenge Santa’s sleigh has seen better days. He’d love a new, modern, sleeker model. As the head of Santa’s specialised design team, it’s your job to produce the drawings for his brand new super sleigh! All cutting-edge technology is at your disposal, so the sky really IS the limit (literally, in this […]