Make a Winter Woodland Diorama

Make a winter woodland diorama A diorama is a mobile theatre or three-dimensional model landscape. They were very popular in the 19th century, when they were used for entertainment. You can use yours for acting out stories of your own creation, or just to display some of your favourite things. The only limit is your […]

Indigo Bing Competition NOW CLOSED

COMPETITION NOW CLOSED Announcing: Indigo Bing and the Missing Mind Disc Our brain-boggling postal escape room At last! Amazing news for AQUILAnauts and soon-to-be AQUILAnauts everywhere. You probably thought we only make magazines, books and magazine-storage based stationery products – and for a long time, you’d have been correct. But all that has changed forever, because now […]

Make a lava lamp

Have you ever wanted to make your very own Lava Lamp?! Well now you can, in just 4 steps! Let’s go… See what effects you can get with a few simple ingredients. Please check with an adult first before you raid the kitchen cupboards though! FUN LAVA FACTS The lava lamp was invented in 1963, […]