Measure the Burj Khalifa

measure the Burj Khalifa

WALK THE HEIGHT OF THE BURJ KHALIFA When it comes to the tallest buildings, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is the tallest of them all. It is over four-fifths of a kilometre high, topping off at 830 metres. Work started on the building in 2004 and it was officially opened in 2010. […]

Mini Enterprise

kids mini enterprise

You’re Hired! – Create a mini enterprise! Have you ever watched the TV show, Dragon’s Den? In it, budding entrepreneurs pitch their business plans on camera to leading industrialists in the hope of attracting some financial backing or some mentorship from a successful business leader.  But how hard can it really be? Do you think […]

Maths Hacks – Harry Potter Edition

Harry Potter Maths Hacks

Maths Hacks: Harry Potter Edition Do you have a kid who hates maths, but loves Harry Potter? Then these magical maths hacks are for you; send your kid to potions class and let’s inspire some spellbinding mathematical learning! First stop, let’s head to the Hogwarts dungeon!  Potions class Our first class is potions; get out […]

Maths Hacks – Gaming Edition

Maths Hacks: Gaming Edition We love finding maths in unexpected places – yes, even in gaming! Check out our top 5 maths hacks: Minecraft edition! Understanding coordinates! Did you know when you see the coordinates in Minecraft these are coordinates in 3d space, the very same 3d co-ordinates we use in maths? They’re written in […]

Maths Hacks – Football Edition

Maths Hacks: Football Edition Here at AQUILA HQ we’re passionate about learning being a lifelong pursuit and we truly believe that, however young or old you are, if things are fun then then learning will just happen! However, we also know that certain areas of learning can cause anxiety. Take maths for example, just the […]

Maths Hacks – Music Edition

Maths Hacks: Music Edition Do you have a kid that ‘hates maths’ but loves music? Here’s one for the Swifty in your house! Let’s inspire some mathematical thinking with a little help from THOSE WHO ROCK! Imagine you are a mega platinum, multi stadium, double A-list, super cool rock star. You need to plan a […]

Maths Hacks – Baking Edition

Maths Hacks: Baking Edition Is your child a little afraid of maths? That’s understandable, lots of people are. There’s a lot to learn and sometimes it feels like if you miss one thing, you can get left behind. Does it feel that way to your child? Numbers can be SO confusing. But do you know […]