STEM Activity for Kids: Ramen Noodles Diffusion Detective

The history of instant noodles and the science of diffusion AQUILA Magazine is here with a blog all about instant noodles. A whole blog about NOODLES? Why? Because we all know that they taste great but did you know those delicious little worms of dough (erm, you’re not making them sound that appetising) can be […]

Fun Activity for Kids: How to Make Giant Hands

Make GIANT Hands These gargantuan giant hands take a little bit of work to make but they’re so much fun to wear and play with it’s worth the extra effort. Why not team up with one or two others to maximise the fun and minimise the work?  For this fun activity we made pink-coloured giant […]

Stem activity for kids: sticking and joining

Investigate the science of sticking and joining HARVEY’S MISSION There are lots of ways to join things together; you can glue, nail, stitch, paperclip, tape, tie or fasten. But how do you know what method is BEST? In this activity, we’re going to test them all out, tabulate the results and see which proves to be the most […]