Welcome, AQUILAnauts to the AQUILA Magazine Taskmaster Education page!
We’ve partnered up with Taskmaster Education to set themed tasks and activities for AQUILAnauts to complete at home! Each month, you can come to AQUILA magazine for a regular Taskmaster fix. You can even submit your tasks to win points from Taskmaster Education HQ.
It’s all about encouraging young people to develop important life skills, such as teamwork, collaborative problem-solving, communication, critical thinking, knowing how to construct a shelter entirely from the contents of your nanna’s pantry – you know, that kind of thing. 

Taskmaster Scorecard

Want to keep score of your Taskmaster Eduction points – just for fun? Download your Taskmaster scorecard here!
Print out your scorecard, fold it in half and stick the blank sides together. Happy tasking!



The big number Alex has written on his clipboard is: 236574

Number 2 was the ultra-convincing humanoid robot Little Alex Horne hellbent on spreading fake news about pineapples!

Spotted wobbegong
Bluntnose sixgill
Surf scoter
Indian runner
Northern Shoveler 
Roseate spoonbill

The magnolia tree is in pot number 1

The shoe thief is: Ellie Cunningham

1 = Oil
2 = Chalk
3 = Charcoal
4 = Acrylic 
5 = Pastels

1. 225 minutes or 3 hours and 45 minutes
2. Ted Gimble (4 hours or 240 minutes)
3. 1 hour 10 minutes or 70 minutes
4. 2015

5. Grace, Noonoo, The Enthusiasts, Makda, Ted (this is one option and would allow a 15 minute walk between each venue)

5 POINTS goes to Gaia and their fossilised scorpion that lived 437 million years ago
4 POINTS goes to Shelley and her fossilised Triassic ammonite (200-250 MYA)
3 POINTS goes to Copper and his fossilised Stegosaurus poo (145-200 MYA)
2 POINTS goes to Dino and his fossilised Tyrannosaurus skeleton (66-145 MYA)
1 POINT goes to Mark and his fossilised footprint of one of the first humans (130,000 years ago)

To make the Taskmaster a coffee & walnut cake 2.5 times larger than the
standard recipe you would need:
625 g butter –
250 ml strong black coffee –
700 g self-raising flour –
625 g golden caster sugar –
1 ¼ tsp baking powder –
10 eggs –
2 ½ tsp vanilla extract –
212.5 g walnuts –
250 g icing sugar –
375 ml double cream –
250 g mascarpone –

The parts of Alex’s car that are broken are:
1. Oil filter
2. Distributor
3. Spark plug

The connection between all the things on the list is that the starting letter of
each sentence is every other letter of the alphabet: A, C, E, G etc.

Alex’s socks are cyan