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Subscribing to AQUILA children’s magazine provides parents with a valuable resource to support their child’s learning and curiosity. The magazine offers educational content in an engaging and entertaining format, fostering a love for reading and exploration. AQUILA covers a variety of subjects, encourages critical thinking, and promotes creativity, making it a wholesome addition to a child’s developmental journey.

Why choose AQUILA?

Now in its 30th year of publication, AQUILA is a unique, award-winning children’s publication. The magazine is produced in the UK and has readers in 90 countries across the globe. The monthly topics are an entertaining mix of serious facts and fantastic fun.

Top quality writing

Our award-winning editor, Freya Hardy, ensures each issue brings a fresh, well-rounded reading experience. From the Royal Institute to TV’s Taskmaster, every month AQUILA features contributions from scientists, historians, authors and artists from across the globe.

Happy families

AQUILA encourages a family-friendly reading experience, helping children and their parents reclaim precious time lost to screens. It serves as a bridge, facilitating meaningful multi-generational conversation through shared exploration of diverse subjects.

Exciting monthly topics

AQUILA has published hundreds of topics over the years. From Time Travel to Chocolate, each one covers S.T.E.M, history, English, maths, science, art and philosophy.

AQUILA Community

Our AQUILA News pages are special. Children connect with like-minded readers, sharing their thoughts, ideas and creativity in the safe environment of AQUILA’s pages. This is the foundation of the AQUILA community and empowers children to actively participate in the content they consume.

Reviews & Testimonials

What's inside?

Take a peek inside our January issue, Sharks. Each issue brings a brand new topic, coming up in 2024: The Feel Good Issue, Artifical Intelligence, The Romans, Mega Maths, Food and The Titanic.

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