Things you don’t usually have when you go camping: a fridge, an oven, a bath. We’re all absolutely fine without a bath for a few days, but if you want tasty homemade pizza, the absence of those other items can be problematic. But I’m the Snack Hacker and it’s my job to solve problems, so here’s how to make a delicious version of homemade pizza that’s portable, tasty and lots of fun. You cook it in a frying pan and the ingredients don’t need to be kept cold. 

There’s a type of pizza called a calzone. Unlike a conventional pizza with the topping spread over it, the calzone is folded over and sealed. In fact, the word calzone comes from the Italian word calza, which means ‘stocking’, so think of it as a bread stocking full of ingredients. Yum! And the fact it’s small and portable means it’s a much better way to eat when you’re sat around a campfire.

What are we going to use instead of making pizza dough? Sliced bread. And what about those toppings? Things in tubes and packets. Now that’s fun! Not only does this recipe make a tasty snack, but the off-cuts of bread aren’t wasted and you get to make a just-as-good pudding too. Apologies to the birds who were hoping they might get them.

Why not watch the cook-along with the Snack Hacker here.

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Words: George Egg Illustration: Ed J. Brown