Santa’s made a friendly bet with his reindeers. If he solves this brainteaser, they promise to make him breakfast in bed for the whole of January. WIN! But – wait, there’s a catch! If he gets the answer wrong, he’ll have to make them breakfast in HIS bed every day until midsummer! Mrs Claus is seriously displeased, as I am sure you can well imagine. We’ll talk to Santa later about the dangers of making poor bets. For now, can you help him solve the reindeer’s route finder riddle?

Take a look at the map below [see figure.1]. Santa must deliver presents to each house on the map. He can start at any house, but he must also finish where he started, AND he must make the route as short as possible.

So, which house should he start at, and what’s the shortest route to follow*

Reindeer Route

*There is more than one way to complete the task but if you want to see some of our solutions, click here

Words: John Davis