Activity sheets for kids about friendships

Friendship Activities for Kids

Our Friendship! issue is here and we’ve got a new bunch of Awesome Activities for you. These made everyone at AQUILA HQ feel warm and fuzzy inside, so come and join in the fun with us!

Plan a Fantastical Friends Party

Picture the scene: your parents have said you can throw a dinner party at home and invite 2-6 guests to join you – BUT here’s the twist, this is a fantasy dinner party so they must be people you’ve never met, from across time and space! Where do you start? What will you serve them?! You need to think hard about this one – who do you find inspiring? Who would you like to interview? You need to consider how your guests might get on with each other – a food fight could seriously lower the tone. Plan your Fantastical Friends Party, here. 

Illustration by Jo Neary

Sorry, Seems to be the Hardest Word

Uh-oh, this activity is for when things go terribly WRONG. What happens when you fall out with a friend? Do you sulk? Do you throw things? (Please, I would never be so childish. Ed) Do you cry? Do you pine and mope? Do you put on Tearjerkers 2000 Hits and stare out of a rain-streaked window? (Um…have you been spying on me? Ed) Have you wondered about apologising but don’t quite know where to start? If this sounds like you and the predicament you have found yourself in, then we have a Sorry letter writing activity that will help you compose THE perfect apology – and get you back in the good books, PRONTO! 

Design a Dastardly Doppelgänger

How’s ‘doppelgänger’ for an interesting word to say? It’s a German word that comes from ‘doppel’ meaning ‘double’ and ‘ganger’ meaning ‘goer’. It comes from a folkloric belief that all humans have a biologically unrelated physical double. This belief actually dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians, who believed in a ‘spirit double’, also called ‘ka’, and has echoed through various mythologies around the world ever since. A powerful idea, it’s not surprising that doppelgängers feature in fiction, often appearing as a paranormal messenger, an ‘evil twin’ or a ghost-like apparition, and often warning us of imminent doom. In the modern world, we may casually refer to doppelgängers in a much more positive way. But for this Dastardly Doppelgänger activity we want you to dream up an evil YOU! Mwahahaha! 

Dream up a Perfect Day

Part one of this challenge is reading about this challenge without singing these lyrics on repeat: 

Oh, it’s such a perfect day,
I’m glad I spent it with you. 

We’re genuinely not sure it can be done. If you can do it, well done! Now you can confidently proceed with the second part of the challenge: researching and organising the perfect day (Oh, it’s such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you. Ah! I’ve failed already, ed) for someone super special. Sure, fun is great when it’s spontaneous, but you can’t beat a well-structured timeline either, can you? What will this perfect day (Oh, it’s such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you, GAH! ed) entail? Food? Entertainment? An excursion? Think about your chosen person and what they love to do, and start planning something to give them their ultimate perfect day (Oh, it’s such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you). STOP IT! Organise a, ahem, jolly good day, here. 

Illustration of people enjoying themselves as a community and friendship
Illustration by Katie Cottle for the Friendship! issue of AQUILA Magazine

Make a Congratulations Card

Giving and receiving greetings cards is a well-established tradition. According to one survey, Americans are the top consumers of various greetings cards, with 6.5 billion cards being bought every year. The average US citizen spends $29 annually on them! How do we continue giving cards in an increasingly eco-conscious world, though? Well, we’re AQUILAnauts, so we make them, of course! We have a marvellous DIY card for our readers this month, check it out here

Investigate the Science of Sticking and Joining

Oh we do love getting messy! This activity is going to test various adhesives and ties in the pursuit of identifying the best bonding agent – because friendships are all about sticking together, aren’t they? Not literally of course, in fact DEFINITELY DO NOT ATTACH YOURSELF TO ANOTHER PERSON, PLEASE. This activity is going to involve a lot of different materials, completing a table, and testing the most serious factor of all: the waggle factor. Get wiggling and waggling, here. 

BFF Quiz

We conclude our array of Awesome Activities with something rather light-hearted. Grab your bestie and get thinking – how much do you actually know about each other? What’s most important in a friendship to you? To know each other’s horoscopes and favourite ice cream flavour, or how they respond when they see your bottom lip wobble? This is just a fun quiz, but it’s easy to play and is sure to give you something to giggle at together! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed these fuzzy Friendship-themed extension tasks! For more fun, click here and find out more about subscribing to AQUILA magazine!

Words: Jennifer Newton-Brown