Announcing: Indigo Bing and the Missing Mind Disc

Our brain-boggling postal escape room

At last! Amazing news for AQUILAnauts and soon-to-be AQUILAnauts everywhere. You probably thought we only make magazines, books and magazine-storage based stationery products – and for a long time, you’d have been correct. But all that has changed forever, because now we make postal escape rooms too! Introducing AQUILA Mystery Mail! It’s the perfect little gift for inquisitive families everywhere. 

Looking for a family fun-filled, home-based adventure this autumn? Then join Aunty Aquila on a code-cracking journey through time and space!

Tardigrade space pirate Indigo Bing has gone missing, and so has The Last Venusian Mind Disc, a priceless treasure that can unlock the secrets of the universe. You must unravel eight clues and get to our hero and the disc before they’re taken capture by intergalactic criminal cabal, The Wrong Hands. Succeeding in this quest will take all your pattern spotting, word search busting, code-breaking, balloon inflating and lateral thinking skills. Are you up to the challenge?


Would you like to win one of these fantastic-ly bonkers puzzle packs? We’ve got 5 to give away. Simply answer the following question:

What type of place is Barnard 68?

Closing date: Midnight on 10 November 2022