29 Days of Joy

2024 is a leap year, so to celebrate our Feel Good issue here are 29 joyful activities for you to have a go at. Why not try doing one a day for the whole of February? You can record the results in a journal, or just, you know… enjoy the nonsense!

Don’t forget to write and tell us about all the fun you had, we’d like pictures please! 

Day 1

Balance a spoon on your nose. How long can you leave it there?

Day 2

Armpit farts.

Day 3

Look for faces in inanimate objects – we call them moodonks. (No, you call them moodonks. Stop trying to make moodonks a thing, ed) The more you look the more you’ll find.

Day 4

Sing in the shower.

Day 5

Race raindrops down windowpanes.

Day 6

Hold hands.

Day 7

Knee slide along a shiny corridor (careful now).

Day 8

Plant some seeds.

illustration of child doing armpit farts
Illustration: Takayo Akiyama

Day 9

Climb a tree

Day 10

Hug a tree (trees are cool)

Day 11

Gargle your national anthem

Day 12

Do a silly walk

Day 13

Say kumquat 20 times

illustration of child hugging a tree
Illustration: Takayo Akiyama

Day 14


Day 15

Build a den. 

Day 16

Invent a limerick.

Day 17

Learn a magic trick.

Day 18

Roll down a hill.

Day 19

Hang upside down.

Day 20

Draw an upside-down face on your chin and recite a serious passage from your favourite Shakespeare play.

Day 21

Do that thing where you put your arms behind your back and someone stands behind you and puts their arms where your arms should be, then Facetime a family member and pretend there is NOTHING AWRY. 

Day 22

Host a weirdy-beardy small hat party.

Day 23

Play the yes/no game without telling anyone that you are, in fact, playing the yes/no game. See how long you can last. 

Illustration: Takayo Akiyama


Day 24

Drink a glass of water. Lie on your back. Listen to your tummy swish when you move it in and out. 

Day 25

Teach yourself to juggle (it’s a lifelong skill).

Day 26

The floor is LAVA.

Day 27

Create a cartoon strip inspired by Roy Lichtenstein.

Day 28

Invent a catchphrase, see if you can make it catch on.

Day 29

Do an impression of your favourite celebrity. How accurate can you get it?

29 days of joy
Illustration: Takayo Akiyama

Did you enjoy this joyful activity? Why not try spreading joy and make a salt dough medal for your bestie in this activity you can find here?

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Words: Benita Estevez and Freya Hardy. Illustration: Takayo Akiyama