It feels good to do things for people we love and care about. How about planning a special day out for you and your bestie?


It’s all in the giving! Think about one of your favourite people – it could be anyone. A friend, a relative or maybe even yourself. You are your own BFF, after all! Your mission is to plan a dream day out for that person, based on the things they enjoy.


Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: 2/3


Paper and a pen or pencil 

Decorative materials


STEP 1: List some lovely things 

Take a piece of paper and write the name of your chosen person in the middle. Around this, write down all the food and activities they enjoy. Think about their favourite snacks, places they like to go and places they have always talked about going to! Fill the whole page if you like! 

Rainbow Pancakes

STEP 2: Make a timeline

Now, it’s time to get organised! You want to have fun but there’s no harm in having a schedule to work to! Turn your paper landscape (so it’s longest along the top and bottom), then on the other side, draw a straight, horizontal line from one end to the other. This is the timeline of the dream day you’re planning. The left represents the start of the day, and the right represents bedtime. You can now draw six vertical lines, each about 5-10 cm, rising out from the timeline. They represent the different moments in the day. Three can be above the timeline and three below.  

STEP 3: Label the moments in the day

Where you have the line on the far left, write ‘Breakfast:’, followed by what you and your chosen person will have for breakfast on their dream day. By the next line to the right, write ‘Morning activity:’, followed by what you and your chosen person will do as an activity in the morning. When you do this, you can use the lists you wrote on the other side of the paper as inspiration! Continue from left to right, using the headings below, so you can read the timeline as a full plan:


Afternoon activity:


Evening activity:

STEP 4: Illustrate your timeline

When you have everything planned out, add some drawings to show what you’ll do and what you’ll eat. It doesn’t matter if there isn’t much space to draw – just some little symbols will do. But you’re also welcome to draw as much as you like, with some colour if you want! These drawings are to help make the dream day look even more exciting than it already is. You could even decorate your timeline with stickers or stamps, whatever you think your friend will like! Don’t forget to present it to them – we bet they’ll love it!

Bento Box by in the Manga issue of AQUILA magazine

We want to see what you have planned. Please send your exciting itinerary to us via the AQUILAnauts’ page of the AQUILA website, and we’ll share as many as we can.  

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