31 days arty activity challenge

31 Days of Arty Summer Fun

Artists love to get up to ALL KINDS of shenanigans, and now it’s time for you to join in the fun. Here are 31 amazing challenges for you to take part in. One for each day of August. Some are silly, some are tricky, some are just plain disgusting (sorry in advance) but they’re all guaranteed to fire up that creativity and get you motivated.

AND what’s more, they will inspire and ignite your creativity ready for our Art Show issue that’s coming our on 1st September! 

Don’t forget to tell us all about it. We love getting your letters and pictures. Let’s go!

Day 1

Make like Matisse – cut out colourful shapes and stick them places

Day 2

Paint your dreams like Salvador Dalí

Day 3

Draw on the move, on public transport or in the car, like Georgia O’Keeffe

Day 4

Make a time capsule like Andy Warhol

Day 5

Create an alter ego like Grayson Perry

Day 6

Try drawing sound like Wassily Kandinsky

Day 7

Graffiti everywhere like Jean-Michel Basquiat (but only where you’re allowed, and maybe use chalk)

Day 8

Collect and draw data, like Mona Chalabi

Illustration: Robbie Cathro

Day 9

Paint spots on veg like Yayoi Kusama

Day 10

Photograph yourself as a famous film character, like Cindy Sherman

Day 11

Build a magical world out of rocks, like Nek Chand

Day 12

Draw your reflection in a spoon

Day 13

Play with clay, like Augusta Savage

Day 14

Practise calligraphy like Liu Dan

Day 15

Refuse to wash, like Michelangelo (according to some, he never had a bath!)

Day 16

Make up a slogan and put it on a poster

Day 17

Draw in the dark

Day 18

Stand on your head for 15 minutes – composer Stravinsky swore by it

Day 19

Make art on a tablet, like David Hockney

Illustration: Robbie Cathro

Day 20

Draw with your toes, like Tom Yendell

Day 21

Create a picture using only three colours 

Day 22

Paint your face like Pablo Picasso

Day 23

Collect your toenail clippings like David Shrigley (really? Gross!)

Day 24

Illustrate a scene from your favourite book

Day 25

Design an outfit like Zandra Rhodes (make it COLOURFUL!)

Day 26

Empty your bag’s contents onto a table. Draw the objects exactly as they fall

Day 27

Create a cartoon strip inspired by Roy Lichtenstein

Day 28

Paint your face, stand on a table and sing ‘Underneath the Arches’, like Gilbert and George

Day 29

Pretend to fall asleep in a public place, like George Ferrandi 

Day 30

Make a teeny tiny sculpture like Dalton Ghetti (how small can you go?)

Day 31

Paint a sunset like Oscar-Claude Monet

Illustration: Robbie Cathro

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Words: Caroline Pattenden. Illustration: Robbie Cathro