Unbelievably, AQUILA magazine is 30 years old this month! 

We’ve made around 360 issues and covered almost every topic, from puppets to Pompeii. We’ve made carrot ice cream, completed the coin drop challenge and produced approximately 7 billion tonnes of papier-mâché. We’ve sent rockets into space… or at least into our next door neighbours’ back garden (sorry Mr and Mrs Scholes!).

We’ve dived into the world of Jacques Cousteau, investigated quantum computers and the Aswan Dam. We’ve interviewed World War II evacuees, volcanologists and people who design houses on the Moon. And we’re not done YET!

But AQUILA’s most important people don’t actually work at AQUILA HQ. It sounds cheesier than a Parmesan’s party playlist, but the most important people, the real VIPs, are YOU! 

We know that there are thousands of AQUILAnauts all over the world, in over 90 countries. Some of you live in vast cities on the other side of the world. Some of you live deep in the countryside, with dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens (even the odd llama) for company. Some of you go to school, others do not. Some of you do gymnastics, or raise money for wildlife charities. Some of you are scientists and mathematicians and engineers. Some of you write plays, or draw manga, or perform on the stage. Some of you build coracles for fun. Some of you don’t do any of that. Some of you send us envelopes full of sequins in the post (no letter, just sparkles! Probably one of the best letters I ever received). 

Some of you are 80 years old, and some of you are eight, but you all have a few things in common. Besides the fact that you are all AQUILAnauts, you are all curious, compassionate, creative, sometimes contrary, courageous and FULL TO THE BRIM with BIG ideas. 

Let’s face it, the world isn’t always a kind place. Scary things happen on the news, and sometimes those scary things even encroach upon our own lives. AQUILAnauts came through a once-in-a-century global health crisis, and then you just… carried on being awesome! Every single day, you lot inspire us with your enthusiasm for the world and your unceasing ability to see the hope. Without you, AQUILA would be nothing but an unlikely dream, and yet here it is. Real, and in your hands right now – a club where ALL AQUILAnauts belong. 

Thank you all for believing in our little universe, and here’s to another 30 years of AQUILA. 

Love from the AQUILA team x