Make a chocolate gift box

Is there someone in your life that deserves a box of chocolates? Sure, you COULD grab a box off the shelf at your local supermarket, but what if the person you’re giving a gift to is far too special for that? We want you to dream up a box of chocs for someone you care about, create the box and write a menu card!





Decorating materials (paint, eco glitter, stickers)

Thin card

Modelling clay    

STEP 1: 

Who is your target recipient? This chocolate box should harmonise perfectly with their personality, likes and dislikes. Come up with a concept that suits them – think about colours, flavours, form, texture and shape. Sketch your idea on a piece of paper.

STEP 2: 

Decorate your box accordingly, using paint, eco glitter, collage papers, sticker – whatever best communicates your idea.

STEP 3: 

Take your piece of card and create a small mini menu showing what’s inside your box. Give each chocolate its own name, then draw and label it with a description of what’s inside.

STEP 4: 

Time to fill the box! If you have a very well-stocked kitchen and a very understanding grown-up, you might be able to make your chocolates in real life. For most people, modelling clay will have to do. Use your hands to craft your chocolates, and pop them into your box. Et voila! You have become a Chocolatier Extraordinaire!

Here’s our idea for a chocolate box dedicated to members of the AQUILA team: 

We used a small egg box so we could fit six chocolates inside!


It’s no secret Calculata is big on numbers, so she will have dark chocolate with a minimum of 85% cocoa solids. 


Polly is so creative – from our Pop Art issue (April 2018) to our What is Art? issue (October 2020), Polly sure knows how to make things beautiful! Her chocolate will be just as colourful as she is. We’re going to gently melt white and milk chocolate chips in two separate bowls, then slowly add together, carefully using a cocktail stick to make a twirly-swirly hypnotic design. Colourful sprinkles will be liberally chucked at the mixture – it’s going to look wonderfully bonkers! 


Given that Harvey is a science nut, and clearly likes raisins (remember the red-shift cake from the Mysterious Maths issue?) he’s going to have a fruit ‘n’ nut combo, rolled in thick milk chocolate. 


Environmentally-conscious EB will have a chocolate rolled into a perfect sphere, hand-painted to represent our planet, with blue, green and white edible chocolate paint. 


All responsible pet owners know that dogs should not have chocolate. But we don’t want Pepe to feel left out, so his “chocolate” will be a handful of his favourite dry biscuits mixed with a tablespoon of dog-friendly peanut butter, all rolled together into one delicious ball. Just don’t throw it – or give it to a human – yuck!


As AQUILAnauts know, books are Wordworm’s jam, so we think a chocolate expertly-crafted into the shape of a book would be perfect for him. Milk chocolate will form the book shape and we’ll use white chocolate chips to spell out a W (for Woodworm). It will be classy, just like him.


Although we may only have six holes in the egg box, we can’t leave Astra out! As we all know, Astra is truly out of this world, so her chocolate will be star-shaped and covered in glitter!

We would love to see your bespoke boxes. Send your photos to us via the AQUILAnauts’ Page of the AQUILA website, and we’ll share as many as we can. 

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© Aquila magazine. Written by Jennifer Newton-Brown