The Santa’s Sleigh Challenge

Santa’s sleigh has seen better days. He’d love a new, modern, sleeker model. As the head of Santa’s specialised design team, it’s your job to produce the drawings for his brand new super sleigh! All cutting-edge technology is at your disposal, so the sky really IS the limit (literally, in this case). You must produce some detailed plans for Santa’s Sleigh 2.0 ready to pitch to the big guy himself.

Design specification

Here are some design features you might want to think about and include. Remember to label your sketches and include exploded diagrams to show what’s going on inside.

1. How will Santa’s new sleigh reach maximum speed? Dasher and Dancer aren’t getting any younger! You’ll need some kind of turbo-boost or rocket-powered features to help them when they flag towards the end of such a long night!

2. Aerodynamic features are essential for helping this new model travel through the air as quickly as possible. Think about including shapes and lines that are wind resistant and help to take advantage of helpful air currents and thermals.

3. Keep materials light to add lift and movement. But remember, they also need to be durable and strong to stand up to the rigours of wintry weather. You might also like to add some heat-resistant shields. The outside of the sleigh might get hot when it goes super fast.

4. Make sure you factor in some navigational aids, like a GPS system or radar.

5. Santa needs to be well protected from the elements. He should be safe and secure inside a command module. He will also need to eat and drink – it’s a long night.

6. Santa needs a large storage area, where presents can be loaded easily and carried undamaged. Some kind of selection machinery and/or conveyor belt would be useful here to facilitate quick sorting when the sleigh arrives at different destinations.

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Words: John Davis